What if my SD card is damaged, lost or corrupted?

posted this on 3 Feb 2017

When purchasing a Satmap map card you have purchased a licensed snapshot of the map data, this is your individual copy – on each SD card there is a licence file that allows you to view the data. The SD cards very rarely fail but occasionally an SD card can become corrupted or damaged, we recommend backing up the data onto your computer (this can be done by using an SD card reader – just copy the files to somewhere safe, do not delete any files when using an SD card reader).

There are three circumstances that may occur:

  • If we are able to retrieve the data and licence file from the original SD card we can move these onto a new SD card, an admin charge may apply.
  • If we are unable to retrieve the data and licence file but you can provide both the original SD card and the backed up data we can put the data onto a new SD card, an admin charge may apply.
  • If the SD card is lost we are unable to provide a new copy or put the backed up data onto a new SD card. This is because you have paid for one licensed copy of the data, we cannot send out multiple copies with the same licence without paying royalty fees again, you would need to purchase a new licensed copy.
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