Can the same maps and accessories be used on Active 10’s / 12’s / 20’s?

Daryn Milne posted this on 25 Sep 2019


All mapping data can be used interchangeably on Active 10 / 12 / 20 devices provided the mapping data is on a microSD card. This is because a microSD card can be inserted into an adaptor to use with the Active 10 / 12 devices. Without the adaptor, the microSD card can be inserted into an Active 20 device.

MicroSD card and adaptor pictured below.


All mapping now sold by us will be supplied on a microSD card and adaptor. If you have old map cards which are not on a microSD card and adaptor, and would like the mapping data migrated to a new microSD card, please contact


All accessories for an Active 10 device are interchangeable with an Active 12 device and vice versa. This is due to the identical casework and software. This includes Lipol batteries, vehicle

The Active 20 however will not have any accessories that are interchangeable with the Active 10 or 12. It will use different Lipol batteries, vehicles mounts etc. The only accessory that can be used with all devices is the Lanyard.

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