Calibrating your compass

posted this on 9 Feb 2017

Ideally you should calibrate your compass before every trip to get the most accurate bearings.

When the ‘Calibration Required’ prompt is displayed at the bottom of the COMPASS screen, go to the Settings menu and select Calibrate Compass. Follow the on-screen instructions. Press Cancel to return to the SETTINGS MENU. Note: This screen may also be accessed from the COMPASS screen.

  1. Hold GPS level
  2. Press Start
  3. Turn device around in TWO full circles (720 degrees)
  4. Press Stop when completed turning or Cancel to quit.

An on-screen message ‘Keep turning’ is replaced with ‘Completed. Press Stop’. Note: When in motion it is better to use the GPS compass over the electronic compass. The GPS compass requires forward motion to provide a heading; it will not work when static. See GPS Settings (section 7.09) to control when the GPS compass overrides the electronic compass at a preset speed: 'GPS Used as Heading at'.

Calibrating on a bike

The electronic compass is affected when brought into proximity with metal objects. This means that once the GPS unit has been mounted onto the handlebars of a bike, it should be re-calibrated. To do this follow the instructions exactly as you would if the unit were in your hands. When asked to turn the compass in two full circles (720°), you should pick up the bike with the unit and rotate it as indicated. When subsequently removed and used for walking, a further recalibration is required.

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