Battery Issues

posted this on 9 Feb 2017

In the case of battery or power issues, we recommend following the instructions below as a first step.

Begin by removing and replacing the battery, turn the device on, and then default the settings on your unit and see if this resolves the issue.

This will in turn delete all the data stored on the internal storage so make sure to back up the data you wish to keep first. Please also remove the SD card before proceeding.

To default the settings please go to "main menu > settings > default > yes > clear all"- the unit should turn itself off. Please then turn the unit back on and check via SatSync for any updates available. Following the update engage the following settings;

  • Main menu > settings > power control > automatic power saving > ”always on”
  • Main menu > settings > advanced power control > hibernate timeout > ”off” - this has been removed from the latest version of software. Please check for updates via SatSync if this setting is still visible.
  • Main menu > settings > compass settings > grid magnetic angle > "automatic"
  • Main menu > settings > calibrate compass > “start” – we recommend calibrating the compass before every major event.

Then charge the device for 8-10 hours making sure the screen is turned off during the charging process, then at the end of the charging process turn the unit back on again BEFORE removing the cable. You should then see the battery life indicator read full after a period of around 30 seconds.

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