What is the difference between Routes, Trails and Tracks?
2 Feb 2017

Satmap defines these as follows:...

Can I store Routes on my Map Card?
2 Feb 2017

Map cards can be used to store routes if there's enough spare room on the map card - the average map card has around 200MB of spare storage, though some may have much more space. With this space (200MB+) we estimate that there shouldn't be any problems with a few hundred routes per map card, howe......

Can the Satmap GPS devices be used for in-car navigation?
2 Feb 2017

The Active 10 and Active 12 devices are is not designed with in-car navigation in mind. However, the unit and Map Cards are supplied with 1:200k, 1:250k or 1:1,000,000 road maps (depending on country) but it is important to note that the Active 10 is NOT a Route Finder i.e. in that it does not gi......

What is a POI?
2 Feb 2017

A POI is a "Point of Interest" that users can create on the Active 10, 12 and Xpedition. These POIs are used to mark locations that you might find useful or interesting, and the names can contain up to 160 characters (including letters, numbers and symbols). When creating a POI, a symbol must be ......

How does the bike bracket fit onto the bike?
2 Feb 2017

Fitting a Satmap GPS bike bracket is very straight forward. You must first choose a mounting position, which can be the cross bar, stem or handlebars. After deciding where to mount the bracket, you can then place the mount on that spot, and pull the strap through the slot on the mount, and then t......

I'm seeing a long 'spike' type trail when first turning on the GPS and it getting a lock.
2 Feb 2017

The long spike occurs whilst the unit is homing in on your exact position, upon first lock. In order to ensure the Trip Log accurately reflects your journey we recommend re-setting the Trip Log and 'snail trail' after you have acquired GPS lock in order to eliminate any data in this GPS 'spike' p......

Returning your Satmap GPS device for repair or modification
Howard Dyson 2 Feb 2017

If you have any problems with a Satmap products, please contact us and we will advise you on the next steps. Please note that before returning a product for a service or repair you must first contact us by telephone or email....

How do I check which version of software my Satmap GPS is running?
2 Feb 2017

To check this, on either the Active 10 and Active 12, you should select the following: Menu > Settings > About...

Can I attach a lanyard to my Satmap GPS device?
2 Feb 2017

Yes. The Active 10 and Active 12 both have the lanyard fitting points on the top of the unit. This positions the unit upright with the antenna facing up, ensuring the optimum GPS signal....

What is an OOI?
2 Feb 2017

OOI stands for Objects of Interest and collectively refers to Points of Interest, Areas of Interest, Lines of Interest and Items of Interest....

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