How do I insert the Active 10/12 LiPol battery?

posted this on 2 Feb 2017

To install the LiPol you may need to first remove the battery caddy. This can be done by using a small flathead screwdriver to pry one of the clips alone the edge of the battery caddy. Once this has been "popped" out, you can just firmly hold onto a corner of the caddy and pull. It's also possible to pop these corner clips with a fingernail, but that can be more difficult. To finish removing the unit, pull the cables and white plug from the top left of the unit.

Now that the unit is fully empty you can fit the LiPol. The LiPol is easy to fit, simply insert the white plug into the slot in the top left of the unit, and then place the LiPol in the battery section of the unit - then just attach the battery back and you're done.

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