How do I insert the Active 10/12 LiPol battery?
2 Feb 2017

To install the LiPol you may need to first remove the battery caddy. This can be done by using a small flathead screwdriver to pry one of the clips alone the edge of the battery caddy. Once this has been "popped" out, you can just firmly hold onto a corner of the caddy and pull. It's also possibl......

I can't get Trail Up mode to operate.
2 Feb 2017

The trail up mode is disabled when using the Advanced Power Control settings. When in Normal Power mode every element of the system is fully powered however, in Advanced Power mode the high power draw components are modified. The three big areas this impacts are:...

How do you change between power modes?
2 Feb 2017

Changing between power modes on your Active 10 or Active 12 GPS device can be done by going to Main Menu > Settings > Advanced Power Control > Power Saving Mode. Here you can select your desired power mode by moving the joystick to the left or right. Press done to confirm....

My unit is freezing - how do I unfreeze it and what is the problem?
2 Feb 2017

The Active 10 and Active 12 GPS devices do not have a reset button. In the unlikely event that your device has frozen you will need to disconnect the power supply. This can be done very easily by removing the battery back and then simply unplugging the power source (This could be a LiPol, battery......

Are Satmap GPS devices WAAS/EGNOS enabled?
2 Feb 2017

WAAS and EGNOS are ground based systems designed to supplement the GPS signal, making it more accurate....

Will I benefit from purchasing High-Resolution maps for my Active 10?
2 Feb 2017

There will be a noticeable difference in clarity if replacing your existing (standard res) maps with hi-resolution data, even when using the Active 10....

What are the differences between the Active 10 and Active 12?
3 Feb 2017

In addition to the features of the Active 10, the Active 12 also boasts a High-Resolution HVGA screen, a barometric altimeter, Bluetooth smart module and double the RAM of the Active 10....

What is the Active 10's technical specification?
9 Feb 2017

For the rest of the technical specification please view this PDF. Filesize: 2,310 kb ...

How many waypoints or routes can I store on my GPS?
9 Feb 2017

Storing waypoints and routes on a Satmap GPS isn't restricted by the number of files, but by the size of the files. It's possible for a hundred small routes to use up less storage space than one large route making it difficult to estimate how many routes could be stored on a device.. We recommend......

How often is my GPS position recorded?
9 Feb 2017

GPS Positions are recorded as markers when using the trail feature to record locations visited. A typical route can have several hundreds of these markers, which are laid down every second in Normal Power mode and every 4 seconds in Advanced Power mode. These markers appear on screen as a line of......

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