The Active 20 is not powering on

Daryn Milne posted this on 20 Nov 2019

The first thing Satmap would recommend is to make sure the device is charged. Although you may have left the device on charge for hours, this may have been done incorrectly and the battery is still flat. More information on charging your device can be found here –

Secondly if you are confident that the device has been charged correctly and is no longer starting up, it may have become stuck in an incorrect power state. This can be fixed by pressing and holding the power button for 20 seconds. This will force the device to perform a hard reset. Now, attempt to power the device on with a firm 3-second hold of the power button.

There are three built in actions performed by holding the power button.

  1. 3 Second Press – Powers on the device.
  2. 6 Second Press – Forces the device to power off. This is best used if the device has become unresponsive whilst in use.
  3. 20 Second Press – Force the device to do a hard reset. This is best used when you are having issues powering on the device or waking it from Hibernate mode.

If the above options have not resolved the issue of the device powering on and you are unable to try an alternate LiPol battery or battery caddie then we would recommend contacting for further help.

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