Charging the Active 20

Daryn Milne posted this on 20 Nov 2019

When charging the Active 20, please first make sure to use the correct charger. Supplied with the Active 20 should be a USB wall adaptor and microUSB cable. On the USB wall adaptor there should be printed ‘OUTPUT: 5.0v & 1.0A. If this output is wrong, it may be that you are using a charger for a different device or for an older model of Active GPS. Although the device will charge when connected to a PC or Laptop, we would not recommend doing so as the output from the USB ports are not powerful enough and you will find the Active 20 does not charge in a reasonable time.

If you are using the correct USB wall adaptor but the incorrect cable you may also find the device is taking an unreasonable amount of time to charge. Some cables and also faulty cables may not be able to carry the required current through them to charge the device adequately, so if you are experiencing issues, please try a different microUSB cable.

Please make sure that when charging the Active 20, it remains off or in hibernate mode. The Active 20 uses quite a bit of power when powered on and the screen is active and having it on whilst charging will greatly reduce the charge time.

If you are having trouble charging your device and the above information does not help, then we would recommend contacting for further help.

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