Active 20

What Type of Screen Does The Active 20 Have?
Howard Dyson 28 Apr 2017


Can routes be shared between Active 12 & 20 devices?
Howard Dyson 28 Apr 2017

Routes can be shared quickly and efficiently between Active 12 and Active 20 devices using Bluetooth Smart Ready...

Will I be able to use a heart rate monitor with the Active 20?
Howard Dyson 28 Apr 2017

Yes - Active 20 users can connect their device to a heart rate monitor (sold separately) via Bluetooth Low Energy....

Can I use speed and cadence devices with the Active 20?
28 Apr 2017

Yes - Active 20 users can connect their device to a speed and cadence device (sold separately) via Bluetooth Low Energy....

What is the Active 20's technical specification?
28 Apr 2017

The Active 20 has a wide feature set, which includes the below:...

Which items are included with the Active 20 GB Edition bundle and how much does this cost?
Howard Dyson 28 Apr 2017

The Active 20 GB Edition includes the following items:...

Does the Active 20 show a DOP Value?
4 May 2017

Dilution of precision (DOP), or geometric dilution of precision (GDOP), is a term used in satellite navigation and geomatics engineering to specify the additional multiplicative effect of navigation satellite geometry on positional measurement precision....

The Active 20 is rated as IP68 waterproof - what does this mean?
Howard Dyson 30 Jun 2017

Technically the exact IP68 details are left to be specified by the manufacturer (i.e. Satmap) on the basis that it’s in excess of IP67. For clarity we, Satmap, state for the purposes of Active 20 – IP68 means at least 1.5m of submersion, for at least 1.5 hours. In reality, we have sa......

Is the Active 20 Lithium Polymer (LiPol) Battery Pack replaceable, or is this an integral part of the unit?
Howard Dyson 30 Jun 2017

Yes – each Active 20 unit is supplied with a LiPol pack fitted.Our 10 years of experience with the Active 10/12 has shown us that 95% of users prefer the low running cost of the LiPol packs.For the Active 20, the LiPol packs give the best battery life; for serious endurance users (24 hours ......

Active 20 New Search Feature Guide
Phil Ashby 20 Dec 2017

The new search feature included in release 3.11.620 for the Active 20 allows the user to search on their device for POIs and Routes. In addition to this, the user can install search databases for Towns and Cities, Roads and Streets, Post Codes, Hills and Mountains, etc. These databases can be ins......

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