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What is the difference between Routes, Trails and Tracks?
Can I store Routes on my Map Card?
Can the Satmap GPS devices be used for in-car navigation?
What is a POI?
How does the bike bracket fit onto the bike?
I'm seeing a long 'spike' type trail when first turning on the GPS and it getting a lock.
Returning your Satmap GPS device for repair or modification
How do I check which version of software my Satmap GPS is running?
Can I attach a lanyard to my Satmap GPS device?
What is an OOI?
What is a barometric altimeter?
What is Bluetooth Smart Ready?
What if my SD card is damaged, lost or corrupted?
What is a GPX file?
How to reset your account
I have purchased a second-hand Satmap GPS device: what is the warranty?
Can I plan a route on the Satmap GPS device?
Why does Satmap use the '.map' file format?
Where can I find gpx routes for downloading?
How do you set the time on the Satmap GPS devices?
Can I search by postcode?
Common Issues with map cards
Sunlight Filter
Disabling and Enabling "Beeps"
My screen cover is unclear
Recommended Settings for Extended Battery Life during Walking
Recommended Settings for Extended Battery Life during Cycling
Additional Recommended Setting for all Activities
Setting up your GPS to work well at night
USB Door Replacement
Defaulting Settings
Battery Issues
Calibrating your compass
How to import routes from Google Maps
What are the differences between the Active 10, Active 12 and Active 20?
Active 20 New Search Feature Guide
Xpedition 2 - Quick Start User Guide
Can the same maps and accessories be used on Active 10’s / 12’s / 20’s?

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