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We offer a General Service for Satmap Active 10 and 12 GPS devices, this service is ideal if your device is looking worn and in need of some attention.


Product Description

Whilst our unit is designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor sports, some of our customers have found that it is not indestructible! For those of you who now have units that are looking a little bit worse for wear, we offer a General Service.

This service includes:

• Replacement front casework (new specification with highly visible orange buttons)
• Replacement back casework (if required)
• Replacement inner screen cover
• Replacement battery caddy (if required)
• Replacement outer screen cover
• Software upgrade
• Platform upgrade
• Antenna check (replacement if required)
• Full performance testing

We recommend sending your Satmap GPS device to us using a mailing service which can be tracked or requires a signature as proof of delivery. Please make sure to backup any routes you would like saved as the devices memory may be wiped during a software update. For return instructions please visit the general service information page. The turnaround time for services and repairs varies, please confirm the current timescale with our technical support team. If you pre-pay for a General Service online the turnaround time for the General Service is likely to be reduced.

Please note: if you are returning a product because you think it is faulty you we strongly recommend contacting our technical department first via email (techsupport@satmap.com) with details of the issue to allow us to assess your repair requirement, and provide remote assistance if applicable.


Default Category Posted on Fri 18th Oct 2019
Posted off the faulty unit on Tuesday and received the refurbished unit back by first class mail on the Friday. It now looks like a new unit.
You could not get better service than that.
Default Category Posted on Sat 26th Jan 2019
I have used this service before for my Active 10 Plus hanset. This time it was a really fast turn around and the handset comes back looking brand new. It is good value for the money. I fully recommend the service.
January 2019
Default Category Posted on Sun 10th Jun 2018
Service complete and unit returned in less than a week. Looks fantastic. Many thanks.
Default Category Posted on Sun 20th May 2018
The service I received when the Satmap team refurbished my Active 10 was outstanding.
I posted it over the bank holiday weekend, it arrived with Satmap on the Tuesday and it was back with me the very next weekend, as good as new!
Really impressive service!
Thank you Satmap for an excellent product and service to match!
Default Category Posted on Thu 21st Sep 2017
The guys at Satmap repaired my Active 10 unit and it came back looking brand new.
The service from all at Satmap is first class, and they are very helpful should you need anything explaining.
Default Category Posted on Wed 22nd Feb 2017
I sent my second hand unit back for service on 13th Feb. It arrived at Satmap on 15th. It was back with me on the 18th. Great service, you couldn't ask for more. Well chuffed
Default Category Posted on Fri 18th Nov 2016
Top class service. 4 days from sending to receiving my Active 10 back from Satmap for a service. Unit has seen a lot of use in all conditions (including being dropped a few times), so was looking rather tired. Now as new and delighted with the result. Service was excellent value for money and highly recommended.
Default Category Posted on Fri 18th Nov 2016
Fantastic service. My unit was back with me within a week and looked brand new. Replaced screen which made the maps so much easier to see. The new orange buttons even meant that the unit now matches my bike's colour scheme!! Highly recommended
Default Category Posted on Sat 22nd Oct 2016
Sent my satmap active 10 for general service less than a week ago. Today arrived back. All repairs completed and active 10 works perfectly. Brilliant service. Couldn't be more happy. Well done Satmap!!
Default Category Posted on Wed 17th Aug 2016
Well done Satmap.
Bought a second hand unit from a fellow walker and it now look like new.
Many Thanks.
Default Category Posted on Tue 9th Aug 2016
Thank you for the fantastic general service
Sent Monday, returned Saturday; brilliant!
Would highly recommend to anyone!

Default Category Posted on Sun 26th Jun 2016
A brilliant service! My Satmap unit was very much the worse for wear having, amongst other adventures, help navigate me the length of Europe on my bike. It came back looking even better than new!
Default Category Posted on Wed 23rd Mar 2016
Wow what an excellent job, my satmap active 10 plus looks like new again actually it looks like the active 12. the service was carried out super fast, I posted my device on the Wednesday and it was back in my hand the following Tuesday.
I am so happy with Satmap they certainly look after their customers and their devices. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.
Top quality device, top quality service and top notch company.
thanks again.
Default Category Posted on Tue 22nd Mar 2016
Satmap received my unit last Friday afternoon and all returned to me like new on Tuesday, excellent service will be a customer for many more years to come!
Default Category Posted on Fri 19th Feb 2016
I sent My well used Active 10 for general service on the 17th of February and received it back on the 19th of February. looks like new! unbelievable service from Satmap, thanks so much!!!
Default Category Posted on Sun 20th Dec 2015
Absolutely brilliant. Satmap came back 'as new' and in double quick time, thoroughly recommend. Many thans.
Default Category Posted on Wed 11th Nov 2015
Absolutely brilliant. Satmap came back 'as new' thoroughly recommend. Thank you.
Default Category Posted on Tue 28th Jul 2015
After nearly 6 years of very active use (and abuse) , I returned my Active 10 for a General Service. I sent it on a Friday (with "next day delivery") and it was returned to me on the following Tuesday. In that very short turn-around time Satmap have, more or less, completely re-built my Active 10; it's like new, in fact, looking at the parts list, I think the only original components are the battery pack and my OS 1:50k map card!

This is a perfect example of a company that is focused on the quality of its products and its customer service - well done Satmap.

The only downside, as far as I can see, is that now I don't have an excuse to upgrade to an Active 12!
Default Category Posted on Thu 23rd Jul 2015
Simply a brilliant service and in return another committed Satmap user for the next 4 years .
Default Category Posted on Sat 28th Mar 2015
£40+PP to get an old battered device returned looking like new!
After 4 years of constant use in the mountains my SatMap10 was starting to look tired. The USB cover had broken off, the power button was worn through, the case had scratches etc.
Through the service all the buttons and cases were replaced, an additional screen cover was provided with the old one returned, and software updates were applied.
The unit came back in just over 1 week looking like new and ready to be abused for a further x years!

Worth every single penny!
Default Category Posted on Sat 24th Jan 2015
After over 4 years geocaching out in the field and on my MTB my A10 was looking a bit sorry for itself. Decided to send it for a general service. Initial comms with the tech support team was excellent and I posted the unit hoping it would come back with the main contact areas buffed up. It arrived back just a week later and it looks like new! Can't believe how good it looks. Seriously, I mean, brand new! What a fantastic job and a fantastic service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the general service to anyone and who knows, after the next 4 years I might have to take you up again on another service! Thank you ever so much guys. I'm one seriously happy punter.
Default Category Posted on Wed 26th Nov 2014
Brilliant value. I bought my Active 10 second-hand, and after 18 months it was showing it's age - thumbstick rubber split, missing seals, screen cracking and scratched. On sending it in, I had a phonecall asking whether I would like a motherboard change as mine was a very early production model. There was an additional charge (not at all unreasonable). I agreed, and my Active 10 arrived home safely 4 days later. I say my Active 10, but new switches, new thumbstick, new screen, new motherboard, new case, new antenna - difficult to see what was original. And it works superbly - used to take up to 20 minutes to lock in to GPS. Now, about 20 seconds. Well done Satmap!
Default Category Posted on Wed 26th Nov 2014
Posted my A10 Monday morning Spec Del for General Service with request to process as quickly as possible as I required the unit for upcoming walks in next 2 weeks. Unbelievable service, the unit was returned to me and in my home by mid-day on the Wednesday - just over 48hrs later. And it looks like new - Great Service, thanks.
Default Category Posted on Wed 26th Nov 2014
Just received my Active 10 back from its first servicing after using it in the Scottish mountains and all weathers and terrane for approx three years and it was beginning to look a bit worn. I can testify that having it serviced is worth every penny spent. Satmap kept me informed along the way on the progress and returned it safely by recorded mail. Looks like new with all the worn parts replaced. I shall certainly be using this service again in the future and highly recommend it to all other owners.
Default Category Posted on Wed 26th Nov 2014
I had a mark on the inner screen, I had no idea how it got there, this spoilt my enjoyment of using the Satmap, and recently I received an email from Satmap suggesting a general service. It was here that I saw that the inner and outer screen covers were replaced in the service. I didn't know that there was an inner cover on the screen. So I sent my Satmap back for the service and within the week it was back in my hands, and I'm now in possession of a pristine Satmap. The covers were replaced and now have a soft rubber grip feel to them. This service was worth every penny.

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