Satmap Active 12

What to look for when buying a GPS device

Choosing which GPS unit to buy depends on how you plan on using your GPS. The following qualities are usually very useful to GPS users, from cyclists to walkers to mountain rescue teams:


Since almost all GPS activities take place outside, a device that can handle general outdoor wear and tear is crucial. The Satmap Active GPS devices are both rated to IP65, which means they are dust proof and weather resistant. When using the ProSHIELD silicone case this rating is increased to IP67, providing total dust ingress protection, and immersion in water up to 1m depth for up to 30 minutes.

Large Screen

A large screen is important for outdoor or fast paced activities because it provides an excellent view of your surroundings and route ahead, even when moving quickly. Both Satmap Active GPS devices use a 3.5" (8.7cm) screen.

High resolution display

A high resolution screen is good for seeing all of the intricate details on maps, this is especially useful for walkers and geocachers. The Satmap Active 12 has a large, bright 3.5" Hi-Res HVGA screen, which has twice the pixels of the Active 10.

Barometric Altimeter

A barometric altimeter uses pressure to provide accurate altitude data. When calibrated, a barometric altimeter is accurate to less than 1 metre. The Satmap Active 12 has a built in barometric altimeter.

Satmap Active 12 mapping

What to look for when buying a map card

Choosing the correct map card for your situation ensures that you make the most of your GPS device. We offer a vast range of map data, sourced from many different map providers and at many different scales. We recommend visiting the map section of our website to explore our full catalogue and looking at the samples and area coverages provided on the product pages before purchasing, to ensure the map card will be suitable for your needs.


Scale on maps ranges from very detailed layers (eg 1:10k street view) to showing a large area in less detail (eg 1:100k). You can find more information on our map scale information page

Data Provider

Our maps are supplied by a number of different providers, some organisations only offer mapping for selected areas or countries, however some cover the same areas. An example is that both Ordnance Survey and OpenCycleMap offer map data for the whole of Great Britain. We use both of these suppliers so that we can offer more choice to our customers. Some users prefer the style of Ordnance Survey data because they have used OS maps previously, some are keen to use data from a reliable and established source and some need the rights of way clearly shown. OCM data is becoming more popular as it shows similar information (note: rights of way are not shown), but is often a cheaper alternative.


Each map card covers a different area, ranging from whole countries, large regions, counties, national parks and popular areas. We choose the boundaries of our maps based on many factors, such as size of the data, affordability and customer requests. For some countries we also offer custom options that provide further flexibility. Visit the map section of our website and use the filtering options to select a map scale, map provider etc and narrow down the options to fit your requirements. Each map listing will show a sample of the type of data and a link to the area covered. If you need any assistance contact our mapping or sales teams.

Buying secondhand

Second hand goods are not provided with the security of a manufacturer’s warranty and in some cases the satmap-xpedition trial is invalidated. We therefore recommend purchasing a new device from Satmap directly, or one of our authorised resellers (see our store locator) for peace of mind. If you decide to purchase a second hand device we recommend enquiring about out the age of the device. Due to advancements in technology very early Active 10 devices are unable to support the latest software and platform version and may require hardware upgrades to be compatible with new map cards. Our technical support team can provide further information as a guide if you can supply the device serial number. This begins with ACT10UK and appears beneath the battery. If you have purchased a second hand device we can offer a General Service which will replace the casework, antenna (if required), software update and performance testing. More information can be found here

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