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The Top 10 Tips For Hikers

Whether you prefer easy walks around the lake or multi-day adventure through mountain ranges, hiking is the perfect exercise for just about anyone. Hikers can always appreciate the natural beauty around them and find time to switch their mental tension off.

If you are new to hiking, here are 10 tips to follow for success:

Start With A Day Hike- a day hike is relatively easy and you can slowly build up experience. As you gain experience, you may do multi-day hike, trekking, ridge walk, summit hike and finally, a technical hike.

Choose An Ideal Hiking Location- hikers can use SatMap to find popular trails that suit their individual needs.

Research Your Route- after choosing your hiking destination, you should research it well. A national park usually has multiple hiking trails and you should choose one that matches your skill level. Avoid over-exerting yourself by mistakenly choosing a difficult path.   

Join A Hiking Group- beginners should start off with a group to ensure comfort and safety. There are family-friendly hiking trails that spouses, children and friends can walk through together. Hiking alone can be slightly intimidating for beginners, so it’s better to organise a group hiking trip.

Check Weather Forecast- although forecasts are not 100% accurate, they are still useful to find about the general weather situation. You should go when it’s predicted to be clear and sunny, because it will only be cloudy with brief drizzles at worst.

Wear Comfortable Hiking Shoes- good hiking shoes should be comfortable and have good grip. Make sure that your shoes don’t rub to prevent blisters. In hot conditions, you should wear trail runners or waterproof boots for wetter or colder hikes.

Choose The Right Outfits- your hiking leggings or shorts should be durable and stretchy to allow better movements. For late autumn or early spring hikes, you should wear waterproof trousers as an insulating layer. During summer, choose a wicking base layer.

Bring The Right Tools- before hiking, you should pack up properly. Remember your SatMap! Carry plenty of water, especially during a summer hike. Sun protection gear and a first-aid kit are important to keep yourself safe.

Bring Enough Food- whether it is for a multi-day hike or only for a lunch, make sure to bring enough food to keep yourself full of energy. Choose lightweight, calorie-dense food that’s easy to prepare and consume.

Treat Yourself Post-Hike- after hiking all day long, you need to do a whole-body stretching session. Eat healthily, sleep early, and treat yourself.

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