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Satmap tackles the Dolomites

Satmap tackles the Dolomites – Cent Cols Challenge 2019

Looking for a cycling adventure ? Well, they don’t come more challenging than the Albion Cent Cols Dolomites event. Held this year in September, and starting in the picturesque town of San Pelligrino Terme (yes, where the water comes from), an Active 20 from the office stable went off to have a go!


The statistics for the full course are daunting, if not scary, even for seasoned cycling col baggers. The 10 day event splits in half with a rest day in the middle. Whilst the daily mileages are challenge enough (190-200km), its really all about the climbing. The 10 day total comes to circa 54,000m (177,000 feet) – yes, that’s 5,400m a day, a huge number on any one day, let alone 10.



The route started in the West, just North of Bergamo and mapped out a lazy figure of eight with a different hotel each night and visiting 100 cols en route, including most of the big names ; Monte Zoncolan, Gavia, Mortirolo, Giau, et al.


Xpedition 2 helped with the route planning. GPX files were provided by the organisers along with details of the daily feed-stops. It then become a simple matter of dropping POIs onto each leg and downloading the whole lot to the Active 20.



5,400 m of climb a day was just an average – some days were bigger!



A recent feature on the Active 20 software is the display of POI icons on the elevation profile


Daily pocket cards and top tube stickers gave a clear view of the pain ahead …




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