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An Active 20 on Tour : Tara Parks – Solo Cycle to Nepal

An Active 20 on Tour : Tara Parks – Solo Cycle to Nepal …


My time in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been such a rollercoaster ride that all that came before seems uneventful and trivial. Before offloading all the ups and downs of that part I think it’s important to continue chronologically and first explain how I got there….


So I left you in Hungary, a few days south of Budapest and with a brand new immediate destination in mind – Montenegro! This meant leaving my companion, the Danube, earlier than anticipated but no tears were shed as I was ready to move onto new pastures. My route was set, I was to head directly south crossing part of Croatia and into Bosnia-Herzegovina. Due to the route change my Satmap which had served me faithfully to this point was now solely a stats keeper for distance and route recorder but difficult to navigate from as I did not have the maps for this section – my fault but I was going to have to rely upon my phone instead. It was just north of the border to Croatia when, crossing the Danube for the last time via a ferry I was approached by a local Hungarian man. Pleased to speak to someone who seemed interested in what I was doing I immediately accepted an invitation for lunch – have I ever said no to food? Otto was wonderful company and was thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to practice his English, he wasn’t so impressed by my lack of interest in football but he soon got over it…I felt far to comfortable at lunch so when Otto offered a bed for the night and a tour of the town that afternoon I readily accepted much to the initial horror and panic of my worried family back home as soon as I told them! To be fair on paper it sounds like a dodgy situation, an older single man inviting a young girl to stay..but I’m pleased to say that I trusted my instincts and Otto was a very hospitable, kind man. He did in turn warn me that not all people are kind like him. Pleased that I had not only survived the experience but enjoyed it I left Hungary with a new confidence and excitement for what was to come.


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