"Application Software" Version History For The Active 20

This is the (application) sofware that runs the User Interface for the device. It is quick and easy to update via Wi-Fi or SatSYNC, and just requires a simple restart after the update. (The other type of software update is called "Platform" and its like the Operating System on a PC/Mac) From time to time we release "Beta" versions of this application software which will include the latest features and bug fixes. With Wi-Fi or SatSYNC it is always possible to "roll-back" to an official release, if so desired.

"Release Version" History (software as issued on new units)

24-Jan-2018 : Release Version 3.11.671 : This is the latest official version.

25-Oct-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.450
19-Sep-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.353
09-Aug-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.261
12-Jun-2017 :  Release Version 3.0.11065


"Beta Version" History (software under dev. with new features for customer testing)


21-Feb-2018 : Beta Version 3.11.844 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.671

  • Added a new Wi-Fi Routing feature
  • Added configurable Log Screen capabilities
  • Improved the code for creating a route from a track
  • Automatic simplification of routes created from tracks
  • Removal of all edit actions on tracks, as those actions are not supported
  • Disabled track activation and reversal on ROUTE PLAN and ROUTE CARD screens
  • Separation of ROUTE MAP/PLAN/CARD screens from TRACK MAP/PLAN/CARD for tracks
  • Display filenames in the context area at the foot of the ROUTES & TRACKS screen
  • Added new icons for routes and tracks
  • Disabled track activation
  • Made GPX and TCX track formatting safe
  • Activated the GPX track extensions setting in Settings -> Data Save Options -> GPX Track Extensions
  • Introduced a "Save Changes" popup when creating/editting a route
  • Processing of standalone (root) web-tracks which are now visible in the new INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Implemented the track download feature
  • Improving the reliability of the u-blox module after initialisation
  • Fixed the bug preventing the language settings from being dismissed following a default reset
  • Now showing standalone POIs in INTERNET OBJECTS screen
  • Modified the search screen to allow primary screen navigation to continue using the d-pad
  • Improved the navigation acceleration of elevation profile
  • Fixed the bug preventing search data to be installed on the SD Card


08-Jan-2018 : Release Version 3.11.671 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.474

  • Added Search Feature
  • Replaced the 32-point "movement stick" with a 360° "movement arrow"
  • Added an “Elapsed Time” data box
  • “Add POI by Grid Ref” has been touch enabled
  • Prevent the UI from locking up during a Resource Manager update (eg before the Book covers are displayed)
  • Added Primary Screen Selector configuration
  • Added new keyboard layouts for ALPHA, QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY
  • Enabled the ability for users to set the warning radius for all POIs at once
  • Allow the deletion of track waypoints, which is required for track reduction
  • Fixed the missing waypoint beeps
  • Fixed the elevation profile lag
  • Fixed the compass "pointer mode" issue
  • Added the option for users to create POIs at the position found by a search operation
  • Refresh search data after disconnecting the device from a PC/Mac
  • Fixed the SM15 software installation bug over Wi-Fi
  • Added more German translations
  • Fixed some language typos
  • Fixed the Compass Settings, Grid Magnetic Angle screen handler
  • Fixed the bug where the touch screen reacts when the screen is off due to power saving options
  • Added a cancel button on the wi-fi download screens
  • Improvements to the Wi-Fi to handle Search features
  • Disabled buttons when Wi-Fi is disabled
  • Extended keyboard characters
  • Improved Wi-Fi range checking, so that buttons are enabled/disabled as connections are made/broken
  • Added statusbar tap so that the caption is revealed


01-Nov-2017 : Beta Version 3.11.474 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.450

  • Improvements to the Web routes functionality
  • Fixed the misalignments on the Settings screen


25-Oct-2017 : Release Version 3.11.450 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.409

  • Fixed base map installation problem where BASE_MAPS folder was not correctly created if it didn't exist
  • Added a sequence number to the screenshot filename to cope with occasions when the time had not updated
  • Improve backup and cleanup after installation
  • Remove Wi-Fi from the settings menu and replace it with a Wi-Fi Settings screen
  • Add the ability for the user to default the Wi-Fi to ON if they wish
  • Reduced the amount of blocking caused by Wi-Fi, improving the user experience when Wi-Fi is enabled
  • Fixed typo errors
  • Improved the Wi-Fi out of range handling
  • Improved the list handling on the ROUTES, TRACKS and OOIS screens
  • Fixed "Data Sharing" toggle of routes


13-Oct-2017 : Release Version 3.11.409 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.405

  • Enabled Refresh button on the "Manage Upgrades" screen
  • Improved the reliability of reading the Release Data metadata


13-Oct-2017 : Beta Version 3.11.405 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.383

  • Adding a missing header to the route download request; this fixes route file downloading as temporary files
  • Deleting temporary files when downloads fail
  • Improving file system communication structures
  • Replaced the in-operative system timing calls resulting in incorrect time stamps in filenames and data
  • Fixed the Move/Copy route function when Data Save Location is set to SD Card
  • Exclude folders from folder list screens where only system files are present
  • Fixed the satellite disappearance problem


03-Oct-2017 : Beta Version 3.11.383 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.380

  • Fixed a bug that prevented other Languages from being displayed


29-Sep-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.380 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.367 :

  • Ensure that ALL settings are written to file when they have been modified
  • Moved Satmap system files from root folder into the SYSTEM folder
  • Remove the auto TrailToRoute feature, which creates routes and resets stats unexpectedly
  • Fixed the GPX route rename bug


25-Sep-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.367 :

Changes from Release Version 3.11.353 :

  • Display Mac addresses consistently as xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
  • Fixed the Bluetooth test screen to display the correct part of the remote unit's mac address
  • Fixed the Test Info page to display the WiFi mac address correctly
  • Improving the registry repair functions
  • When .GPX Only is selected, the .map file is no longer created or displayed on the device.
  • Upon Trail to Track conversion, the generated objects are injected into the catalogue
  • Saving Data when changing "Data Save Options" and "List Mode" - more coming soon
  • Define a new Satmap XSD schema
  • Made the generated GPX output conform to GPX schema 1.1
  • Added more information to the GPX file providing details about the generating application
  • Fixed the alignment of the "Map" button text on the "Edit Active Route Colour" screen
  • Keep snail trail on Internal Flash


19-Sep-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.353 

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.328 :

  • Improving the ability to trace where Errors are occurring for diagnostic purposes
  • Text message corrections
  • Replaced the Warning Icon with a Boxed Warning
  • Display all available maps (regardless of context) in the Map Layers View
  • Added a Reset function to the Button Test Screens
  • Fixed the duplicate catalogue folder bug (Capitals/Non-Capitals)
  • Fixed the Preferred Data Location bug where tracks were being saved to Nand when SD was selected
  • Show the track converted to a route after a trip, even if only GPX is set
  • Fixed the Screenshot time label
  • Fix for GPX trail to track conversion bug


12-Sep-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.328 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.298 : 

  • Provide visual feedback in the status bar when resources are being catalogued
  • Replaced a "Tap" with a "Hold" on the map elevation screen to activate the elevation profile
  • Improve the management of the resource files on the devices
  • Enabled the joystick repeat function during Create/Edit route
  • Changed default elevation source from GPS to Pressure
  • Fixed the Move/Copy route operation to not lose the file extension
  • Removing the unnecessary and potentially harmful flashing of all files when the file system has been dismounted
  • Simplification of the About box code
  • When Moving/Copying a route or POI between Flash/SD, prompt the user for overwrite if the target already exists
  • Removed the erroneous black rectangles on the My Shared Data screen
  • Checking storage attachment/detachment events by the device name, instead of relying on fixed codes
  • Disabling the SD card insertion/removal event handling code
  • Convert system folders to upper case
  • Add more monitoring of the root folders for diagnostic purposes
  • Reintroduce the refresh buttons for Routes Menu and add to the OOI Menu
  • Improved the logic for when the Refresh button is active for the OOI Menu
  • Registry repair for Active 20 to cope with previous changes


25-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.298 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.277 : 

  • Protected the a20.ico, autorun.inf and README.txt files during a factory reset
  • Fixed the bug showing a negative number when other software version information is not available
  • Replaced the ascii <=> wide string converter in release data
  • If no GPS lock, but wi-fi is available, then set system time from web
  • Corrected Expedition <=> Xpedition strings
  • Fixed a pinch zoom on a map screen with elevation chart
  • Removed the Resource Refresh screen
  • Used the MultiMap icon to indicate resource loading activity
  • Fixed the missing Map Covers 
  • Disabled the rescan after usb disconnect

15-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.277 : 

Changes from Release Version 3.11.261 : 

  • Modified the Upgrades Information screen to include the installed version
  • Fixed a bug deleting a local version
  • Fixed a bug which caused an Xpedition password written as an Xpedition user name
  • Moved "Please wait..." message box from the screen-initiator to the target screen "Web routes", so that it should show also in other cases
  • Some wi-fi tidying up
  • Adding Xpedition website connection
  • Enabled full pinch zoom processing (requires platform 37 or higher)


09-Aug-2017 :  Release Version 3.11.261 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.256 : 

  • Xpedition user name and password entries have been temporarily disabled
  • Fixed a bug which prevented saving the device user name on start up without confirmed name of the user
  • Fixed the post-usb refresh loss of map packs


08-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.256 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.11.244 : 

  • Improved the visible wi-fi connection status messages
  • Changed Main Menu Active Route from a "tap" to a "hold" to make it more stable and less reactive.
  • Made the dividing line between Active Map and Active Route thicker
  • Added a MapLayers screen so that the user can select a specific layer
  • Add more automation for on-screen enabling/disabling buttons
  • Improve UI performance
  • Enforce selection of device user name on start up


04-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.11.244 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11238 : 

  • Fixed a lingering error message on the base map download screen
  • Restored Internet routes work that was accidentally removed
  • Introduced a new version numbering system


04-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11238 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11227 : 

  • Improved the post-USB device scan so that known map folders are ignored
  • Implemented the Xpedition user name and password entry
  • Ensure that the top line of the primary screen banner indicator is not overdrawn
  • Translation corrections


02-Aug-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11227 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11195 : 

  • Fixing the issue with truncated titles of GPX routes and tracks when passing GPX
  • Add customizable status bar actions
  • Fixing a bug in the user track GPX filename comparison when a GPX filename ends with a reserved sequence of characters
  • Added support for GPX Waypoints as POIs
  • Added support for geo-caching
  • Enhanced the POI Information screen to support more touch functionality
  • Added a device scan when the USB cable is disconnected.
  • Added a re-catalogue action upon finding any new resources
  • General code performance improvements

24-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11195 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11189 : 

  • Changed POI display name titles
  • Keep POI icons and info boxes on the screen during panning and zooming
  • Fix the "Add POI" directly from the map screens inactive problem
  • Other fixes and improvements


20-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11189 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11182 : 

  • Fixed the time offset, and daylight saving problems
  • Made the right hand side popup wider to better accommodate German messages
  • Internal code efficiency improvements


19-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11182 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11162 : 

  • Improved the background processing whilst looking for wi-fi updates
  • Introducing foundation for future interaction with Xpedition II
  • Add ability to download base maps when they are missing or out of date
  • Improved the interaction of the on-screen keyboard with other screens
  • Fixed the wi-fi download reset when other screens interact with download screens
  • Fixed the wraparound folder misalignment problem
  • Wraparound is now disabled on Folder list screens

11-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11162 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11151 : 

  • Raised zoom floor to 2000
  • Add the file sizes to the upgrade meta-data
  • Added L-R orange button shortcut for quick access to the About screen
  • Moved touch test earlier in the functional test sequence
  • Moved slide test earlier in the touch test sequence
  • Made the slide test trail longer and more persistent
  • Improved rebustness of wifi settings


07-Jul-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11151 : 

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11132 : 

  • Show the battery level and charging state on the USB Connected Mode screen
  • Screen drawing improvements
  • Prompt the user for a password on the wifi connect screen
  • Refactored the wi-fi functionality to make the device operate more smoothly
  • Show the connected network in a bold font
  • Added colouring to the significant versions in the management screens
  • Added stale wi-fi network decay
  • Introduced a connect button for easier wi-fi access
  • Added Poweroff and Restart buttons to the upgrade screens for easier installation
  • Enhanced the website to provide more information when upgrading web components
  • Enabling the Web Routes screen from the ROUTES & TRACKS screen
  • Introduced new wifi upgrade screens
  • Added a two-stage device unlock procedure
  • Removed the problematic IP Address from the identity test screen

28-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11132 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11121 : 

  • Add the IP Address to the identity test screen
  • Replace "Volume Control" with "Alert Settings"
  • Corrected the text in the orange box for the Data Save Options
  • Disable the Done key on the keyboard when no data has been entered
  • Add new wi-fi management screen, so that unrequired wifi connections can be cleared
  • Added an version management screen for viewing of older software versions
  • Fix the Trip Log start/stop button responsiveness

26-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11121 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11118 : 

  • Bug fix for battery management

26-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11118 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11114 : 

  • Fixed the displaying of the OSGB databoxes
  • Added the Local Position according to the user's current settings

23-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11114 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11111 : 

  • Fixed the displaying of the Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Added improvements to the FunctionalUnit Test screens
  • Added bluetooth MAC address identifiers

23-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11111 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11102 :

  • Added JoyStick navigation to the Wi-Fi screen when in primary screen mode
  • Added auto refresh to the wi-fi software/platform upgrade screens
  • Added a list of device names to the bluetooth test screen

21-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11102 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11093 :

  • Added touch (hold) processing for Info Icon, to match JS click
  • Hide inactive routes when entering Demo Mode
  • Wi-Fi has been made a primary screen
  • Fixed the Ultra power saving mode timer which was not being reset by touch
  • Changed the Ultra power saving mode screen timeout from 15 to 60 seconds
  • Added higher frequency and more stability to the pressure readings
  • Added more colour codes to the button test screen
  • Making the battery levels more accurate

20-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11093 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11083 :

  • Prevent POI icons  from overrunning on the POI Icon selection screen
  • Prevent the UBX log file from being written during power operations, such as hibernate
  • Replaced persistent UBX logging with epoch based buffered logging
  • Ensured that there is at least 25% of battery charge before allowing a platform upgrade to take place
  • Added in-situ demo mode support, and replaced event based playback with timed playback

16-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11083 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11079 :

  • Added a banner separator to the wifi software upgrade screen
  • Changed the default 4 box settings
  • Ensured that the Default POI icon appears at the start of the list

15-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11079 :

Changes from Beta Version 3.0.11073 :

  • Strip the directory names from GPX files when displaying them in the folder list of the routes menu 
  • Added colour coded dots for the software update availability status 
  • Added retries if version information not available 
  • Added more translations

15-Jun-2017 :  Beta Version 3.0.11073 :

Changes from Release Version 3.0.11065 :

  • Check the free space on the SD Card before allowing a platform upgrade to proceed.
  • Various updates and bug fixes to device testing feature.
  • Add Local Pressure to the default 4-box LR cell.
  • Added more translations.


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