• 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

  • 02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

02. Active 20 GB Edition 50K

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sku: GPS-A20-GB-50K

Availability: In stock


Key Features

  • Map: OS Full GB 1:50k Landranger
  • Global Off-Road Routing / software updates
  • 100% Touchscreen control
  • 100% Button control
  • Gorilla® Glass screen - 2.5mm
  • 25mm high gain GPS patch antenna
  • ARM9 Processor : very fast software
  • GPS / GLONASS / Galileo coverage
  • HVGA High-Res 3.5" Screen
  • Peer-to-Peer Data Share
  • 3-Axis Compass
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • High-Res Mapping
  • World base mapping - preloaded
  • 5000mAh Rechargeable LiPol
  • Toggleable Mapping Feature
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth: Heart Rate Monitor sp
  • Bluetooth: Bike Sp/Cad support
  • Multi-format MapCard
  • Searchable Data
  • QuadLock BeltClip Mount (optional extra)
  • QuadLock Bike Mount (optional extra)
  • QuadLock Car Mount (optional extra)


Map Scale

  • 1:50k


Map Format

  • OS MapCard
  • OS Basemap MiniScale 1:1m
  • OS Basemap Roadmap 1:250k



Quick Overview

GB Edition includes:
Great Britain Ordnance Survey mapping at
- 1:50k scale,
rechargeable battery,
charging accessories,
10% off map voucher.

ACTIVE 20 - 360 Spin Video


Product Description

“DualControl”: Touchscreen & Buttons

The Active 20 is the first device of its class to be fully touchscreen or button operated (“DualControl”), successfully catering to the wider needs of the outdoor community, who seek the ease, convenience and familiarity of full touchscreen control, whilst at the same time looking after the needs of other professional users in very tough weather conditions who tend to prefer the certainty, control feedback and gloved use that comes with full button control.

Best-in-class GPS receiver  (including GLONASS & Galileo)

Fitted with the latest, high-sensitivity GPS receiver (uBlox MAX M8), the Active 20 supports all the primary satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou, WAAS, EGNOS, etc.) with superb accuracy results, even indoors, in cars, in town and under heavy tree cover. Accuracy figures of 1-2m are typical in many conditions. uBlox modules are renowned for maintaining a good GPS lock in the most demanding of conditions. The uBlox module boasts industry leading -167dBm navigation sensitivity, with superior anti-spoofing and anti-jamming capabilities. The Active 20 uses a finely tuned 25mm Taoglas ceramic patch antenna (the largest in this class of product) to achieve remarkably high signal-to-noise ratio values (typically 46-51), leading to outstanding GPS performance.

Bright HVGA screen

The Active 20 now boasts an all-new, large (3.5”), super-bright (600cd) transmissive, full colour HVGA TFT display. This crystal clear screen is optically bonded to Gorilla Glass to provide the very best light transmission and sunlight readability. Full backlight control and “red-filter” allow for optimal viewing in all conditions. There is even a high-contrast sunlight mode for snow & glacier conditions.

Superb Mapping

The Active 20 is all about displaying superb topographic mapping, and providing advanced users with a full range of GPS functionality. The extensive additional topographic map catalogue (at www.satmap.com) of over 450 global map titles (including full Ordnance Survey GB coverage) uniquely providing easy toggling between various map types. Satmap has been the industry leader since 2007 in providing the very best and clearest quality colour topographic mapping to sports GPS users. Recent licence fee changes now allow Satmap to offer Hi-Res (660 dpi) Ordnance Survey full GB coverage of the 1:25k Explorer series on a single SD card at the lowest prices. The full range of detailed HARVEY walkers maps is also available for use on the Active 20. These industry-leading MapCards are often supplied with multiple scales and map types on a single SD card. Custom, site-centred bespoke mapping is available on a global basis. Satmap MapCards are 100% transferrable between the existing Active 10/12 series (using microSD cards within SD adaptors) and the all-new the Active 20 (using just micro SD cards).

LiPol and AA Battery operation

The Active 20 has a unique dual-battery system that includes a long-life 5,100mAh rechargeable LiPol battery pack, and optionally, a AA Battery Pack which supports AA Lithium, NiMH, and Alkaline primary cells, giving users a complete range of power sources. Using various power-saving options (including a flexible backlight timer and reduced frequency updates) battery duration of up to 16 hours can be achieved. Full-gas (100% backlight, no power saving and constant movement) battery life is 11 hours. Spare LiPol battery packs are available for extended duration expeditions. Recharging of the unit is in-situ via microUSB cable, from either 1A wall charger, 12V car charger, PC/Mac or any other USB power source.

Wi-Fi & BT Smart 4.0

Enhanced Active 20 connectivity is achieved via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Currently, Wi-Fi connectivity is available for platform and application software updates. Users are uniquely able to choose between “formal release” and “beta” software options allowing them access to the very latest features, but with the ability to “roll-back” if they wish. Shortly after release, users will be also able to Sync their route and POI data with the Satmap Xpedition Online Route Planner (www.satmap-xpedition.com), an HTML version of which is in the pipeline, working equally well on PC/Mac, tablet and SmartPhone).

BT Smart 4.0 functionality currently allows users to exchange routes between the Satmap Active GPS family (Active 12 and Active 20), and the BTLE side supports BT Heart Rate Monitor Profile, as well as BT Bike Speed & Cadence Profile. BT Power and other useful BT Profiles will be added in the near future.

GPX, TCX and Mass Storage Mode

Active 20 now fully supports the universal GPX & TCX route and activity formats, and connection to a PC/Mac allows both internal and SD storage to be easily accessed. In keeping with the earlier Active 10/12 units, the Active 20 is also fully supported by the offline SatSYNC application which allows for easy data transfer and conversions between GPS unit and desktop.


The Active 20 has achieved higher than average waterproofing standards than industry norms. Rated to IP68 (1.5m depth for 1.5 hours of submersion) the Active 20 outperforms the majority of its rivals in this class of Sports GPS. Likewise, it is rated to IK7 impact protection so that it can cope with the knocks and bangs of serious outdoor usage. Uniquely fitted with 2.5mm Gorilla Glass the Active 20 achieves unparalleled screen protection and scratch resistance in its class.

 Bike, Belt & Vehicle Mounts

The Active 20 uses the very popular Quad Lock bike, beltclip and vehicle mounting system. Utilising a bespoke backplate, the Active 20 will fit the full range of standard Quad Lock mounts.

 British Made

Satmap Systems is proud to support British industry, and the Active 20 is wholly UK manufactured, with hardware from Lancaster and Torquay, with software and mapping from Leatherhead, Cambridge and other national providers.   

The Active 20 is purpose built for the great outdoors, Offering unrivaled IP68 waterproofing, IK7 shock-proofing, very long battery life and dual touchscreen/button control. Maps are supplied on microSD cards that simply plug straight into the device, offering vast map coverage in a handy GPS. The large, bright, high resolution colour screen and detailed mapping options provide an excellent overview of your surrounding areas. Features include a 3-axis electronic compass, integrated barometric altimeter, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, on board route planning and map orientation options.

The Active 20 follows on from the award winning Active 12 range, but includes a range of exciting features: 

  • Dual Touchscreen/Button operation

  • Large, bright 3.5" Hi-Res Touchscreen 

  • Wireless connectivity through both WI-Fi and Bluetooth Smart

  • Super rugged - the Active 20 has an IP68 waterproof and IK7 impact rating as well as Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

  • Higher capacity 5000 mAh lipol battery

  • Faster 1Ghz processor

  • Antenna that connects to GPS,Galileo and Glonass

  • 3 Axis Electronic Compass 

What's in this bundle?

• Satmap Active 20 GPS unit
• MapCard included : As described above and below.

• 10% off map voucher (terms apply)
• 3 months free access to Satmap Xpedition Premium (online mapping and planning tool).
• 1m micro USB for charging & data transfer
• UK 1A wall & car charger
• Documentation, including Quick Start User Guide

The Active 20 device is pre-loaded with the following mapping:

GB 1:250,000 & 1:1 million OS road mapping
World Base Mapping 1:5 million & 1:200 million

ACTIVE 20 - Introduction Video

The Active 20 uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3


Default Category Posted on Mon 6th Aug 2018
I had an A10 for years, and way back then it was a good piece of kit.
I thought Satmap had lost the race to Garmin when the A12 came out, as the improvements were not anywhere near in keeping with the top Garmin devices.
Last summer, I was just about to upgrade to the Garmin Montana, when the A20 suddenly came out. So based on a familiar operating system, I decided to stay loyal and get one. The improvements are fantastic, and all the problems with the A10 are now fixed.

I use my A20 for mountain biking, motorcycle trail riding, walking and geocaching. The latter being where this unit knocks the spots off other GPS units, mobile phones, and the old A10.

The accuracy of location is brilliant! In open ground 2 - 3 feet accuracy can be reliably achieved, and in notoriously bad signal areas where other units are bouncing 20 - 30 metres all over the place, the A20 just locks on and barely moves more then a couple of metres.

I tested the speed of response against my new Samsung Galaxy S9, which receives GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and Bidou systems, and the A20 is way faster in responding to movement, and locking on to coordinates.

Default Category Posted on Sun 15th Jul 2018
A great improvement on my old Active 10.
Default Category Posted on Thu 31st May 2018
Used this for a week's walking in the lake District absolutely excellent piece of kit, couldn't fault it!
Default Category Posted on Wed 3rd Jan 2018
Just bought the Active 20.
Very nice; best model yet.
Much better display, nice to be able to go out in the sunshine and see the maps.
The battery seems excellent; I think it’s going to last all day.
The touch screen is great, I personally found using a touchscreen stylus was easier than your finger and I actually quite enjoy making a walk up now it's so quick an easy.
Can’t wait to go for another walk!
Thanks Satmap, I think you’ve cracked it with this one.
Default Category Posted on Sun 10th Dec 2017
Excellent piece of kit. My Active 10 was good but this is 'Fantastic'.
Default Category Posted on Tue 28th Nov 2017
The device itself is fantastic and great to use. It is much better than the 10.
On the downside and why I have not rated it at 5 stars, there is currently a fault downloading kmz files so you have to load gpx files only to the device, plus Satmap company could really do with supplying complete and accurate step-by-step procedure guides which would save a lot of time helping customers do the right thing (Edit - Full user guides for all devices can be found on the website under Support).
Apart from that, an excellent device.
Default Category Posted on Wed 8th Nov 2017
Absolutely brilliant - I can't fault it.
I used to use my smartphone but it didn't like getting wet, the battery life was poor, and occasionally there was no connection.
The Active 20 is so much better!
Default Category Posted on Tue 7th Nov 2017
My Satmap Active 10 is about 8 years old now so when it went wrong and wouldn't get satellite fix I didn't feel it owed me much.

I upgraded to the new Active 20 and what a difference!
It is so nice to use with a fantastic touch screen and is so quick and responsive.Satellite fix was quick and very accurate. Particularly useful is the fact that the screen buttons are also available as large physical buttons so using with gloves is easy.

My main niggles with the Active 10, i.e. lack of waterproofing and an easily scratched screen have been fixed.

It is expensive but well worth it.
If this one lasts me 8 years I will be well pleased.
Default Category Posted on Thu 26th Oct 2017
As an Active 10 user since 2009 I've had something like the Active 20 on my wish list ever since.
I tend to do all my planning on the device rather than using Expedition, so the unit does get a real hammering. Button covers started falling off, button switches failed, and joysticks disintegrated, so when the Active 12 came along with the same mechanics, I remained unimpressed, and soldiered on with my Active 10.

Two general services later on the Active 10, and a third being contemplated, prompted me to buy the Active 20.
I'm really over the moon with the performance of this device, the touch screen which works really well is a real boon, saving wear and tear on the switches.
That is not to say that the mechanical switches are vulnerable, on the contrary, the switch assemblies have been redesigned such that they seem pretty 'bomb proof', but its a plus nevertheless that they don't need to be used as much.
The build quality of the case is very reassuring, it just feels really rugged when held in the hand and operated. It's also much better ergonomically than the Active 10/12, and the Gorilla Glass is another feature that complements the ruggedness of the waterproof case.

I can thoroughly recommend this as a first GPS purchase or an upgrade from the Active 10/12.
Default Category Posted on Mon 2nd Oct 2017
I received my active 20 solo today and having been a user for many years, of the active 10 and then the active 12, I am very impressed with the look and build of the active 20, and this is why I give it 5 stars.
Default Category Posted on Wed 19th Jul 2017
Absolutely delighted with the Active 20 which on a recent trip to Austria did all that and more than I expected.
It takes a little time to get used to for GPS "virgins" so be patient and patience is required when "hooking up" to Satsync which can take a few minutes.
Planning and transferring routes from Xpedition to the machine is straight forward but I am still struggling to upload routes produced from trails on the Active 20 to my computer (otherwise would have been more than happy to award 5+ stars) though I am sure that the service department of the company (who seem to respond quickly) will help me if I cannot manage to find a solution myself.
I initially thought that the absence of an online manual would be a problem but the manual for the Active 12 covers all the points and the screen shots are almost identical (Active 20 Full User Guide is now available [https://satmap.com/active-20-user-guide]).
All in all I am very happy with the product and its features.
Default Category Posted on Mon 3rd Jul 2017
I'm very much a casual user of these devices - I want to know where I am, where I have been and to see where I am going plus the usual how far, how long etc.
I was lucky enough to receive this just before going to the Lake District for a week and have come back very impressed with it.
Scrolling speed is very fast, the accuracy is amazing with 3 feet/1 metre being common. I've tried to find my way over the Scandale Pass from Patterdale a couple of times but have been unable to find the path at higher levels using Active 10/12s. This unit kept me spot on all the way to Ambleside. It even kept a lock whilst travelling back on the bus.
The Active 10 was a fantastic piece of kit when it was introduced but the Active 20 really is a significant improvement on it.
Default Category Posted on Fri 23rd Jun 2017
This is my first dedicated GPS unit, having previously only used a smart phone with OS mapping. Out of the box, it fired up first time, the Satellite detection speed was reasonable, and the multiple scale maps operated seamlessly. The screen is very bright, the duplication of the touch screen smart buttons with physical buttons is an excellent idea, that works well.

My primary use of the unit will be for Mountain Biking, so the IP ratings that were missing from the SatMap 10 & 12 units, and smart phones is a major plus.

The unit reached full charge (mains charger) in less than 5 hours on first charge.

The biggest plus is finding that the maps can be set to rotate in 'follow me' or 'Trail Ahead' mode, so it is much easier to follow the correct track when riding (or at least quickly realize you are following the wrong one). I couldn't find this mentioned anywhere beforehand. There are actually 3 rotation modes.
Standard fixed north to top of screen, and the mentioned rotating map aligned in direction of travel, either centred or low on the screen.

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