Active 20 GPS Trade-In Offer



Trade in your old Active 10, Active 12 GPS (or any other handheld GPS) for a brand new Active 20

Receive a £120 (€140) discount from the cost of a new Active 20 Sports GPS when you trade in your old Active 10, Active 12 or any other brand handheld GPS device (any condition).

This great offer is for a limited period and subject to stock availability. 

This Trade-In discount can be applied to any brand new Active 20 device or bundle. Please click here for GPS and bundle details. Please note: the Trade-In discount is not available against the purchase of refurbished GPS units.


Trade-in procedure - In brief:

1. Send us your Active 10, Active 12 or any other brand handheld GPS device.

2. Also - (for Satmap GPS products only) send us your old MapCards (for data migration to microSD and / or consolidation - if required - please see below).

3. Satmap will contact you to confirm your chosen GPS bundle and MapCard needs (if any) and final discounted price.

4. Pay online less the Trade-In discount - and goods will be dispatched forthwith.

5. Go forth and enjoy the Great Outdoors.


Trade-in procedure - In more detail:


    • Send us your Active 10 or 12 unit (N.B. just the device and SD Cards (see below) please, NO batteries (LiPol shipping complications), or other accessories) and a short covering letter with your details (please include an e-mail address if possible) to Satmap at the following address:

Active 20 Trade-In Offer
Satmap Systems Ltd
128A Kingston Road
KT22 7PU

SD CARD OPTIONS (for Satmap GPS products only)  

    • The Active 20 uses the microSD card format.  All Satmap MapCards, since 2015, have been supplied on microSD cards (inside SD Card "adaptors").
    • If your Satmap digital mapping is on old style SD cards (please check carefully - as microSD cards inside adaptors look very similar to old style SD cards !) - the mapping data will need transferring onto the the microSD format. Depending on the precise MapCard details and requirement, Satmap will carry out this service for a small admin charge. 
    • Action required - you just need to tell us if you wish to "Migrate Only" - or "Migrate and Consolidate". We will assess the data size and SD cards required for the consolidation and advise accordingly.


    • If your existing MapCards are in microSD format - and you do not need any separate maps consolidating onto one bigger microSD card - no action required - do not send any MapCards with your trade-In GPS unit.
    • Migration Only - if you need to migrate just one SD card to microSD - send that to us (Data Migration charge - £10)
    • Migrate and Consolidate - 16GB - if you wish to move several maps onto one microSD card (16GB Data Consolidation charge - £20)
    • Migrate and Consolidate - 32GB - if you wish to move several maps onto one microSD card (32GB Data Consolidation charge - £30)
    • Migrate and Consolidate - 64GB - if you wish to move several maps onto one microSD card (64GB Data Consolidation charge - £40)


  1. As soon as we receive your old GPS unit and instructions for SD cards (if any, as above), we will contact you to confirm final pricing for your chosen Active GPS bundle and MapCard configuration
  2. Once agreed - Satmap will send you a link with a discount code that will allow you to pay securely online.
  3. In the normal fashion - as soon the payment has cleared, your order will be processed and dispatched.


Please send any questions you may have to

Terms and conditions: 

Offer Period : Valid for units sent for trade-in received between 1st November 2019 and 31st March 2020 (inclusive). Valid period subject to change depending on stock availability.

Valid Trade-in Product: Any Active 10 or 12 device, and any other handheld GPS device in any condition.

Detail : 
We recommend sending your old Active 10 or 12 by recorded delivery as Satmap cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in transit.
Please allow 2-3 working days for Satmap to contact you regarding the final details of the Trade-In.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer on GPS units.

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