• Active 10/12 Anti-Scratch Screen Protector (3M VIKUITI)

Active 10/12 Anti-Scratch Screen Protector (3M VIKUITI)


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Quick Overview

The 3M Vikuiti protective film for Satmap Active 10 and Active 12 devices offers outstanding protection from scratches and soiling and is provided in a pack of 5.

Product Description

Suitable for Satmap Active 10 and Active 12 devices the 3M Vikuiti™ DQC160 screen protectors are designed for application on electronic screens generally, and offer outstanding protection from scratches and soiling. The surface of the film is as smooth and shiny as glass. Adhesive and film are both crystal clear and are easy to apply, resulting in the film appearing completely transparent and bubble free. The hard coating of the Vikuiti™ screen protector furthermore offers optimal mechanical protection from scratches. An additional non-adhesive layer ensures that the protective film is also dirt-repellent enabling the removal of ball-point pens and marker pens ink through dry wiping. The adhesive layer is only slightly adhesive and readily forms a film over even surfaces. The protective film can easily be removed or re-positioned at any time. These protector films can be used in a variety of ways. 

For maximum protection: they can be applied to the exterior screen cover of the Satmap Active 10 or Active 12 device This provides an additional layer of protection between external bumps and bangs, and the interior LCD screen. (Please ensure that the film is applied to a clean and scratch free screen cover). 

For maximum visibility: dispense with the outer Satmap disposable screen cover - and apply the 3M film directly to the inner screen of the device. 

Please Note: Each pack of 3M Vikuiti films, contains 5 individual screen films.

We believe that each film should easily last 3-6 month, under normal wear & tear, making these exceptionally good value screen protection. 

Custom made for Satmap: W55mm, H73mm. Vikuiti™ screen protectors are cut by laser in Germany on state-of-the-art machinery. Exact tailoring to forms and excellent border adhesion are guaranteed.


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